Frequently Asked Question's

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​" Where is Alaska Surf Guides located?" 

ASG is based out of Seward, Alaska and operates
out of the Seward Airport.  Seward's south central
location along Alaska's gulf makes it an ideal
starting point for remote surf trip expeditions.

"We're only in Seward for 1 day, is that enough time to catch some Alaskan waves?"
Yes it is, our day trips typically run 6 hours in duration. We plan each trip according to the wave direction, tide & surf break.  A half-hour before our flight, we will get you fitted for wetsuits & boards. The focus then becomes  discussing the trip itinerary, safety briefing & small aircraft etiquette as we wait on our Plane/ Helicopter.

Once we land at the remote beach, we will discuss the associated hazards with that particular surfing break (rip tide, bottom profile, wildlife etc.). We typically surf for up to three hours (or more).  1 hour before our departure we will change back into our warm clothes, pack the boards & suits for transport, and enjoy some free time to comb the beach for sea treasures. The pilot will then return to pick us up for another amazing aerial flightseeing experience to conclude your Alaska surf trip.


"Are these trips designed for first time surfers?"

  We offer drips geared towards all different skill levels. As surfers know, wave sizes change on a daily basis so we are transparent with our clients about the level of expereince prefered for any particular condition. 


"Who will our guide be?"

​​Owner and operator Scott Reierson, looks forward to guiding your
Alaskan surf experience.  Scott started Alaska Surf Guides with the
intent to offering surfers and travelers this unique adventure. Born
and raised in Seward, AK, Scott's passion for cold water surfing is
inspired by Alaskan surfing pioneers like Scott Liska, Mike McCune,
& Scott Dickerson. Despite his trips to countries with warmer water,
Scott prefers the empty waves, wildlife, and rugged coastline 
of Alaska. 

"How cold is the water temperature in Alaska and what thickness of wetsuit do I need?"

​​South Central Alaska's water temperature ranges from 39-56 F degrees throughout the changing seasons!

If you dont have your own suit, we've got you covered with our fleet of cold-water specific 5/4mm hooded wetsuits, boots, and gloves. Wetsuit technology has come a long way in the last 10 years and nowadays you're more likely to get out of the water from pure exhaustion or daylight limitations before you do from being cold.

​"I've never had to wear a wetsuit before, how do I know which size would fit me?"

 Bellow is a sizing chart from Xcel Wetsuits.  We do require clients to wear a swim suit underneath the rental wetsuits, however that shouldn't effect sizing. 

Booties and gloves wear true to the size.  If you wear a large winter glove, then you'll want a  size large wetsuit glove. The same goes for booties.  If you wear a size 10 shoe then a size 10 bootie should be ideal. 

"Hauling Surfboards & SUP's around on vacations is expensive & Inconvenient, do you have any boards for rent?"

We do! We understand traveling with surf gear is a hassle and expensive so we have a full quiver of boards for our clients to choose from. We prefer epoxy boards for their durability. Alaska's costal waters are known for their low temperature and low salt content due to
glacier river runoff. For this reason,  we order our epoxy boards shaped with a little more
volume to add buoyancy. 

Our boards range from 5'10 thrusters all the way up to surf specific SUPs and everything
in between.   Our boards are outfitted with Creatures of Leisure fins, tail pads, & leashes. 
Stickey Bumps wax combs and cold water specific wax are available for use during our surfing trips.  


​​"What should I bring on a day trip?​"               ​

Surfboard & Board Bag​ - Rentals Available
Wetsuits, Gloves, & Booties - Rentals Available 
Spare Fins
Fin Key
Ding Repair Kit
Swimming Suit
A Towel
Warm Clothes
Rain Gear
Sun Glasses
The Stoke & A Smile

Additional Gear For Multi Day Trips **

Sleeping Clothes
​​​Travel Pillow
Mosquito Repellent 
Mosquito Head Net
Small Day Backpack
Flashlight or Head lamp

​"Do I need to bring any camping gear for the multi-day trips?"

​Our overnight trips are fully outfitted with full camping gear and meals included. While we do want to encourage you to bring whatever you need to make yourself comfortable, the nature of our transportation ​methods by both airplane and helicopter place strict weight restrictions on what we can bring on the trips. 

Gear we supply on our multi-day trips:

Sleeping Bags & Liners
Sleeping Pads
Camp Mess Kit & Utensils 
Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
& Water Repellent Bags 

Emergency Equipment Items:

MVHF Handheld Radio
Delorm Inreach Satellite Tracker/ Communicator 
Emergency Medical Supplies
Emergency Food Supply

Wetsuit Sizing Chart

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